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207/208Work-associated stress builds so Walker, beneath physician’s recommendation, takes Trivette and C.D. But the vacation turns bitter when local ruffians develop uninterested in the Rangers’ presence and take desperate measures to conceal their drug trade. The following is an inventory of episodes from the American tv series female pinch bowl Walker, Texas Ranger. 623In this season-ending cliffhanger, a rich Dallas household and employees are murdered by a group of masked men for instance. This was half of a larger plan that was meant to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from different rich families.

Season 2 – Venice

Now Walker, Trivette, and Parrish should maintain the McLains from taking the regulation into their own hands to avenge their sister, while on the identical time gathering sufficient proof to bust Garret for his crimes. 104Bank robber Roy Buchanan is accidentally arrested, but when he’s liberated, he not solely has Walker and Trivette on his heels, however a homicidal bounty hunter by the name of Boone Waxwell. Then Walker races to forestall Waxwell from murdering Roy’s brother Ned when it is found he was unwittingly involved.
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Meanwhile, Alex, after realizing she needs to do extra with her life following her current taking pictures, opens her Help Our People Excel (HOPE) middle to assist dankstop frog themed water pipe the less lucky. 525In this season-ending cliffhanger, The gang gets prepared for Alex’s associates Kim (Lauralee Bell) and Phil’s wedding.

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  • Before he is officially released, nevertheless, Hector is compelled to flee from jail to when he witnesses his cellmate being killed by corrupt jail guards (after he passes off evidence of guard’s corruption to Hector).
  • The following is a list of episodes from the American tv series Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • 525In this season-ending cliffhanger, The gang gets ready for Alex’s pals Kim (Lauralee Bell) and Phil’s marriage ceremony. #smok /li>
  • Det. Sandoval tries to deliver his escaped nephew in alive but is shot by prison guards.

501Belle Starr McLain, a mole for the DEA, is uncovered and murdered by drug kingpin Jack Garret. Then her Marine-brother JW (John Wesley), to whom she sent proof of Garret’s wrongdoing, goes AWOL to launch a vendetta in opposition to the drug lord. After JW’s commanding officer Luther Parrish comes to pick him up, JW is sprung by his two different siblings, Jessie and Wyatt.
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Meanwhile, a twin-engine airplane carrying Ranger Walker and his fiancée, Alex Cahill, crashes into a lake after it was shot down by a World War II-period airplane.A North American P-51 D Mustang. 602Walker helps free Hector Lopez (Greg Serano) Det. Carlos Sandoval’s nephew-in-regulation, when he’s falsely accused of a criminal offense by his greedy former employer. Before he’s officially launched, however, Hector is compelled to escape from jail to when he witnesses his cellmate being killed by corrupt jail guards (after he passes off proof of guard’s corruption to Hector). Det. Sandoval tries to deliver his escaped nephew in alive but is shot by prison guards. Carlos (with help from Walker) must protect Hector and produce the guards to justice.
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Walker lastly decides to suggest to her after, but the wedding ceremony is then is attacked by a group of hitmen. When the shootout is throughout, Walker tries once more to propose to Alex, but she is shot by Karl Storm (Tobin Bell), a man she helped incarcerate five years earlier. 427Joey Prado (John Haymes Newton) (the kickboxer from the episode “Full Contact”) graduates from the academy with the best marks since Walker. Along the way, he reunites along with his childhood pal and sworn buddy, Victor Solano (Damon Collazo), who is among the men he has to arrest. Joey finds himself within the precarious position of getting to deceiving his former pal by convincing him that he’s a criminal and incomes his trust in order to collect enough proof to take down each Victor and his boss.

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